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For a pure monoatomic gas at low density, which has no rotational or vibrational degrees of freedom, thermal conductivity was calculated through a rigorous analysis by Brokaw [13]:
In theory, monoatomic metallic gold would possess the maximum stability.
Martin, Alcan International, this system uses "a closed-loop gas recirculation technique in which a probe is inserted in molten aluminum and a small volume of carrier gas is brought into contact with the metal and recirculated until an equilibrium level is achieved between the hydrogen gas content in the carrier gas and the monoatomic hydrogen content of the metal.
Agrawal and Prabhu [23] presented the values of TMAC as a function of gas rarefaction magnitude (Kn) by using the data reported by various researchers in the literature for both monoatomic and diatomic gases.
As radiative heat transfer is no longer efficient in the solar convective zone where heat transfer occurs by convection, we assumed the adiabatic gradient of a monoatomic gas for the solar photosphere.
On the other hand, graphene with a two-dimensional thick monoatomic block of a carbon allotrope offers a large detection area (as seen in Figure 1) for DNA sensing compared with other known nanomaterials [8-11].
For monoatomic fluids in equilibrium with its vapor at low pressures, the first assumption is easily fulfilled, as such vapor can be approximated as an ideal gas without introducing significant amount of errors.
Monoatomic hydrogen is removed in a mass transfer operation as [H.sub.2].
Here [S.sup.0] (comp) is the absolute standard entropy and [summation] [S.sup.0] (at.gas.) is the sum of the absolute entropies of elemental constituents of the considered compound in a monoatomic gas state.