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The bone marrow was replaced by 90% monoblasts. Flow cytometry was conducted on the leukemic cells.
Compared with mature monocyte in circulation, immature precursors such as monoblasts and promonocytes, which could not be observed in the peripheral blood of healthy individuals, are larger and exhibit lower granularity [54, 55], which seemed in line with the features of A Mo in our study.
LC can be defined as myeloid sarcoma or granulocytic sarcoma, in which the infiltrate is characterized by neoplastic granulocytic precursors; otherwise, when the infiltrate is composed of neoplastic monocytic precursors (monoblasts and promonocytes), LC can be labeled monoblastic sarcoma (1).
It was shown that cFXIII-A is present from a very early stage of monocyte differentiation (monoblasts in the bone marrow) [27,28] to the macrophages of connective tissue and serous cavities [29].
Pluripotential stem cell Myeloid Progenitors Myeloblast Monoblasts Marrow pool Mitotic Promelocytes Promonocytes precursors Myelocytes Post-mitotic Metamyelocytes bands Blood and Neutrophils, Monocytes tissue eosinophils and function basophils Innate Macrophage immunologic function Progenitors Megakaryocyte Erythroid Lymphoid Marrow pool Mitotic Maturing Normoblasts Pre-B precursors megakaryocytes Post-mitotic Reticulocytes B lymphoblast Blood and Platelets Erythrocytes B tissue lymphocytes function and plasma cells Haemostasis Oxygen Adaptive transport immunologic function Progenitors Marrow pool Mitotic Pro-T precursors Post-mitotic Lymphoblast Blood and T-lymphocytes tissue and NK cells function Fig.