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a lens for correcting defective vision of one eye, held in position by the facial muscles
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(1) An eyeglass lens, with or without a frame, that is held in the eye socket.

(2) The simplest kind of camera lens, consisting of a single positive meniscus-type lens. It is used predominantly in inexpensive cameras for portrait and landscape photographs. The best image quality is provided by a convex-concave meniscus lens with its convex side facing the photosensitive layer and with a diaphragm located in front of the objective. Monocles have a small aperture ratio (not exceeding 1:8) and a small image angle (not exceeding 25°). A monocle is also called a landscape lens.

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to Proust in his study of the cultural history of the monocle (214).
So some of the bits of growing up are actually rather lovely and I can definitely see the upside - if I use my monocle.
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Tokyo, Sept 2, 2014 - (ACN Newswire) - Nikkei Inc., ("Nikkei") Asia's leading business media, announced today that it has agreed a capital and business alliance with Winkontent AG, the publisher of monthly global affairs and lifestyle magazine Monocle, in which Nikkei will take a stake in the London-based magazine.
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Joe cultivated a distinctive image, wearing his iconic monocle and exuberant orchid in his buttonhole to counteract a rather thin and undistinguished profile.
Her stories about everything from indie music to energy policy have appeared in the Vancouver Sun and Vancouver Observer, and on CBC Radio and Monocle's online radio station.
Instead of a pair of glasses or a monocle with a heads-up display, Glass positions a small prism over the upper right corner of the wearer's right eye.
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