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1. government by an individual with unrestricted authority
2. the unrestricted authority of such an individual
3. a country, society, etc., ruled by an autocrat


rule by one person, especially arbitrary or absolute rule. Compare ABSOLUTISM.



a form of government involving the unlimited and unchecked sovereignty of one individual in a state. The despotic monarchies of the ancient East, the tyrannical governments in some ancient Greek states, the Roman and Byzantine empires, and absolute monarchies of recent times were autocracies. The notion of autocracy was also used to designate unlimited authority in any given sphere of state activity. In contemporary literature, the notion of autocracy also designates political regimes characterized by the supreme power of a “leader” (Führer, duce, caudillo) who is not controlled by representative organs.


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We have widely broken loose from monocracy, and that is good.
According to a press release issued by the SC here on Friday, the news about remarks attributed to Chief Justice Supreme Court, Justice Anwer Zaheer Jamali during the hearing of Orange Line Train Project case on October 13, 2016, published in the section of media on Friday under caption 'monocracy exist in this country in the name of democracy but it is for the people who voted the rulers to power to stand up against them was termed a misleading and concocted news.'
CJP remarked media distorted the actual facts and reported a misleading and concocted news item published in the section of media on Friday under caption 'monocracy exist in this country in the name of democracy '.It is required that the media should exercise caution instead of creating sensationalism, CJP added.
He referred to Eliades' term as a "monocracy," a rule by one person.
With monocracy and the use of armed forces to punish partners, revoke agreements, accuse adversaries of sectarianism and terrorism, ignore the militias that assault and roam without being accountable and accuse certain states of supporting public moves; all this is a deviation of the political process the executive body is responsible for." Nijaifi added that there is kind of domination and extemporary at the Council of Ministers, where the Prime Minister behaves with autocratic authority that affected the provinces' works through giving wide authorities to operations' commanders to hinder the governors' works in executing projects.