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a paper, book, or other work concerned with a single subject or aspect of a subject



a scholarly work in which a specific theme is investigated in detail. In a monograph, the literature on the problem under consideration is presented and analyzed and new hypotheses and solutions contributing to further research are proposed. A monograph usually includes extensive bibliographical data, comments, and other information.

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Due to high Neotropical plant diversity, monographs from a global network of specialists are required for floristic synthesis, even though the number of active and dedicated monographers continues to decrease.
With a catalogue edited by Remmele and Vitra director Alexander von Vegesack, the show promises major scholarly contributions: Essays by Breuer monographers Barry Bergdoll and Isabelle Hyman join texts by Joachim Driller, Otakar Macel, and Breuer himself.
Charles Branch Wilson, the last of that outstanding group of great monographers of the marine copepods which included Brady, Dana, Giesbrecht, Sars, and Thomas and Andrew Scott, died August 18, 1941" (J.