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A Monotone Triangle of size n is a triangular array of integers [([a.
Any such 2 X 2 monotone grid class can be described as a grid class in one of the three forms covered by Lemmas 3.
The generalized monotone method provides linear convergence, which essentially means the convergence rate is slow.
Our main objective in this paper is to study monotone and strict H-games played on the edges of [K.
Then the set of all nowhere monotone Radon signed measures on X is residual in A.
is a monotone set in X x X*; the operator is said to be maximal monotone if its graph is maximal monotone.
In this paper we present some review related to solvability of nonlinear boundary value problems for the second and fourth-orders nonlinear monotone potential differential operators.
If the monotone segments of a given convex hull are already determined, utilizing the definition 2 and the 8 extreme vertices can determine whether a specific monotone segment exists or not.
Furniture remains a sea of brown, but every once in a while some lighter tones of white and off-white appear to break the monotone monotony.
A plastic horn that produces a loud, distinctive monotone sound being one of the biggest stars of the World Cup.
Coral had chalked up over/under 53 minutes, but Darling's monotone lasted for 58.