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A systematic review of 19 observational studies, 14 of which included exposure to the 2009 monovalent pandemic H1N1 strain, noted hazard ratios or odds ratios for spontaneous abortion ranging from 0.
The Chinese monovalent EV-A71 vaccines, however, are seen as a stopgap.
Antibody response of birds to either of the immunogens in the combined vaccine was not significantly different from that of birds vaccinated with either of the monovalent vaccines (p<0.
7,21) The current study quantitatively and qualitatively assesses the safety, immunogenicity and efficacy profiles of the monovalent and multivalent LB vaccines from the available clinical trials, in the hope this may assist in the development of future vaccines for the human disease.
Table 4 shows the effects of monovalent and divalent anions on the equilibrium water absorbency of sample.
Among the topics are aluminum electrolysis in an inert anode cell, nanoparticle size control using a rotating disk anode for plasma-induced cathodic discharge electrolysis, lithium hydride solubility in molten chlorides, the electrodeposition of lead from chloride melts, the electrolytic production of matrix-coated fibers for titanium matrix composites, new routes for producing reactor-grade zirconium, local structural analyses of molten thorium fluoride in monovalent and divalent cationic fluorides, and molten salt electrochemical processes directed toward a low-carbon society.
The effects of monovalent cations, melting temperature (Tm) depressors, and DNA dyes on polymerase extension rates were measured.
Low coverage is connected to insufficient allocation of financial resources to purchase enough preventive monovalent vaccine.
Findings from clinical trials of newer pentavalent and monovalent vaccines, introduced in 2006 and 2008, respectively, showed no such excess intussusception risk.
Among the Shigella strains, 92 atypical strains, with 3 different serologic agglutination profiles, were identified (Table 1); 1 of these strains was initially identified as the previously described serotype 4c (7) because it agglutinated with monovalent antiIV type antisera and monovalent anti-7,8 group antisera.
It is worth mentioning here that SIAD " Short Interval Additional Dose " approach involves administering two doses of monovalent oral polio vaccine (mOPV) over the course of one or two weeks.
It was declared pandemic ready on December 11 2011, and it is capable of manufacturing seasonal and pandemic/pre-pandemic influenza vaccines, including monovalent bulk and antigen sparing adjuvant MF59[R], as well as formulation, aseptic filling, and packaging.