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a quality in art akin to the aesthetic concept of the sublime; socially significant content expressed in majestic plastic form, imbued with a sense of the heroic and epic and affirming a positive ideal. Monumentally may be present in various art forms and genres, but it is essential to monumental art. As an artistic quality, monumentality must not be equated with the concept of the monumental as it refers to a work of monumental art. Not every work of monumental art has this quality of monumentality in terms of composition.

A lack of monumentality is particularly characteristic of art that is not capable of asserting positive social values or propagating progressive social ideals among the masses. Such art is marked by stylistic eclecticism (for example, certain 19th-century monuments in some countries of Europe and the Americas).


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There were, of course, precedents for the idea of monumental cemeteries, notably the Campo Santo in Pisa where elaborate tombs and monuments are placed within a noble architectural setting.
Sustainability is at the core of our operations across all of Monumental Sports & Entertainment, said Dave Touhey, President of Venues at Monumental Sports & Entertainment.
Rocco Veenboer, founder of the event, welcomed the deal, saying that SFX's global presence will allow Monumental to expand the Awakenings brand into the UK, Australia and beyond.
This monumental flag was installed at the Central Park in Connaught Place, here on March 7th, this year.
We've had many monumental performances this season - some really good home wins, some back-to-back clean sheets.
Monumental Life, Baltimore, and Transamerica Life, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, are both units of AEGON N.
The next monumental construct in the artist's weather/nature series will be a multi-story anthropomorphized flower, titled "Vernal Equinox," anticipated to sprout at this site on or about the first day of spring, 2012.
Presenting a thoughtful and thorough analysis, and heavily illustrated with superb drawings, plans, and b&w plates of the sculpture, this volume describes the meaning and possible ceremonial uses of monumental sculpture at the Iron Age sites of Carchemish and Zincirli.
BUENOS AIRES: Argentina's River Plate, one of the world's biggest clubs, suffered the humiliation of relegation for the first time in their 110-year history Sunday amid violent scenes and the closure of their Monumental stadium.
Mr Donald Byram, of Marsden, added: "There are a number of graves around Huddersfield with G Mallinson on - it was the monumental mason's signature.
The ministry would do its best to restore the gifted monumental items abroad to bring them back to Egypt," Hawass said, adding that Egypt is going to set up the "Egyptian Big Museum", which outperforms all museums in the world.
I don't know whether it is simply the monumental hypocrisy of the man who grovelled to the banks and praised them for their risk-taking, and himself for "light touch" regulation, or whether it's the monumental insult to imply that we don't remember the considerable role he played in bringing about the banking disaster.