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a quality in art akin to the aesthetic concept of the sublime; socially significant content expressed in majestic plastic form, imbued with a sense of the heroic and epic and affirming a positive ideal. Monumentally may be present in various art forms and genres, but it is essential to monumental art. As an artistic quality, monumentality must not be equated with the concept of the monumental as it refers to a work of monumental art. Not every work of monumental art has this quality of monumentality in terms of composition.

A lack of monumentality is particularly characteristic of art that is not capable of asserting positive social values or propagating progressive social ideals among the masses. Such art is marked by stylistic eclecticism (for example, certain 19th-century monuments in some countries of Europe and the Americas).


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"The focus on driving bottom-line success naturally attracted a number of start-ups to Monumental. Many started with just one channel and it wasn't long till the results sparked an interest in adopting the full 'Monumental' ecosystem.
Facing the Monumental is the name of one of Belmore's powerful performances in which she transformed a magnificent 150-year-old indigenous red oak tree in Toronto's Queen's Park into a temporary monument to women and to Mother Earth.
Aerial view of the Monumental Stadium prior to the second leg final match of Copa CONMEBOL Libertadores 2018 between River Plate and Boca Juniors at Estadio Monumental Antonio Vespucio Liberti
"Beyond Monumental's mission of promoting the importance of health and wellness is well-matched with CNO's commitment to our customers and our associates.
The post Maradona calls English win 'monumental robbery' appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
But only now, with the publication of Architecture, Death and Nationhood: Monumental Cemeteries of Nineteenth-Century Italy (Routledge) by Hannah Malone, is a serious study available that attempts to explain why these vast, elaborate cities of the dead are unique.
The solar electricity purchased by Monumental Sports & Entertainment to power Verizon Center will be sourced from an offsite, third-party owned solar facility in Frederick County, Md., and bundled with national solar renewable energy credits, allowing the sports and entertainment facility to operate using 25 percent solar energy.
The Museum was opened in May 2014, to tell the story of the tragic 9/11 attacks through multimedia displays, archives, narratives and a collection of monumental and authentic artifacts.
Angelina Jolie shares that marriage to Brad Pitt has taken their relationship to a whole new level, even though there was no "monumental change" that took place since they have been together for nearly a decade already before the wedding.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 15, 2014-SFX Entertainment to buy Dutch Monumental Productions
On April 11, Bishkek will host a presentation of a map of the city's monumental mosaics and fine art edition "Returning the Future", according to STAB (School of Theory and Activism), arranger of the event.
THE Chancellor's decision to rule out sharing currency with an independent Scotland will prove to be a "monumental error", Alex Salmond is to declare.