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A phaneritic (visibly crystalline) plutonic rock composed chiefly of sodic plagioclase and alkali feldspar, with subordinate amounts of dark-colored minerals, intermediate between syenite and dorite.



(named after the city of Monzoni, Italy, in the Tirol), crystalline igneous rock consisting of approximately equal amounts of common potash feldspar and lime-soda feldspar (orthoclase and labradorite) and of a ferromagnesian mineral, usually pyroxene. In more acid varieties of monzonite a small amount of quartz may also be present; in more basic kinds there may be olivine. Chemically the group of monzonite rocks occupies an intermediate position between gabbros and syenites (average silica content of 55–65 percent); therefore monzonites are also called gabbro-syenites. Monzonite is a dense large-grained rock that is attractive when polished. It is used as a building material. Monzonites occur in many regions of the USSR—for example, the Ukraine and the Baikal region; abroad they are found in Italy, Norway, and other countries.

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Mineralization in drill hole QH-14-01 consists of fine to medium grained disseminated sulphides in sericite altered, sheared quartz monzonite.
1 Amphibole- plagioclase thermometry Wiborg Wiborgite 650-750 * Two-feldspar geothermometry Wiborg Wiborgite 580-650 * Two-feldspar geothermometry Salmi Wiborgite 740-780 Zircon thermometry Salmi Wiborgite 680-720 Zircon thermometry Uljalegi Amphibole, 700-840/940 * Zircon quartz crystallization phenocryst temperature modelling by Watson & Harrison (1983) Aland (A3) Monzonite 750-840 7.
The rock types of the basement, according Adamu (1991), are medium to coarse grained granite, undifferentiated schist, gneisses, granite gneisses, fine grained biotites and biotites-hornblende granite, quartz monzonite, quartz diorite and granodiorites.
unit, which has been described as a possible diorite and porphyritic microdiorite, monzonite and granodiorite stock.
Despite its name, Granite Mountain is primarily composed of quartz monzonite, an igneous rock similar to granite in appearance, physical characteristics, and chemical composition.
Strong alteration was encountered with zones of silicified and tourmaline-altered monzonite with stockwork quartz veins (up to 0.
Secondary copper mineralization in the Cananea district is hosted by stocks of rhyolite and quartz monzonite porphyry which were intruded during the Laramide Orogeny in Late Cretaceous-Paleocene time.
A K/Ar age of 2525 [+ or -] 72 Ma (Jambor 1971a) from the quartz monzonite pluton that intrudes Archean metavolcanic rocks southeast of Cobalt provides an upper age constraint on the volcanic rocks.
Formed by molten liquid that oozed upward from the inner earth, the liquid cooled before reaching the surface, forming an igneous rock called quartz monzonite, similar to granite.
Before visitors set out to explore the bizarre jumbles of quartz monzonite that seem like oversized geologic ice-cream scoops or attempt to choose from among the park's 491 campsites, they should stop by the visitor center, located outside the North Entrance Station off Highway 62, in the town of Twentynine Palms.