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A fortunate kick hurled Michael away and enabled the sailor to intervene once again with the mop. And upon the scene came Dag Daughtry, to behold his captain, frayed and bleeding and breathing apoplectically, Michael raging in ghastly silence at the end of a mop, and a large Persian mother-cat writhing with a broken back.
And then came that sailor with the mop. And now you want the bo's'n to jump him and throw him overboard.
The orphanage's activity area was transformed into a festive space as both teams brought in balloons, colorful paper trimmings and packages of surprise gifts for MOP's residents.
To use the device as a mop, users simply fill a small storage box with 180ml of water, and attach the water-resistant roller brush.
There is no need for expensive and harsh chemicals, the mop combines the sterilising power of steam with the absorbency of microfibre pads.
In honor of Mother's Day in May, Two Maids & A Mop will host a photo contest asking social media followers to share a picture with one to two lines detailing why they or another woman in their life deserves to be treated with a free home cleaning service from Two Maids & A Mop.
Responding to the GAC's factual findings on the mop - up exercise Wednesday, 22 May, Minister Dean indicates that multiple sections of the GAC report reference discrepancies and variances in the accounting records of the mop-up exercise.
The latest report on the global Muriate of Potash (MOP) market suggests a positive growth rate in the coming years.
It works by converting water into steam and features a clever triangular mop head and swivel joint to reach into corners and tight spaces.
Attributing to no follow-up from the complainants after they register the case of MoP to police has been one of the main reasons why the figures of MoP have been on the rise.
In this article, a handy method for the synthesis of the composite of mesoporous silicon nanoparticle (MSN) and molybdenum phosphide (MoP) is introduced, and the remarkably enhanced hydrogen production capability of the resultant MoP@MSN has been demonstrated.