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An individual variant in a polymorphic population.



the minimal meaningful part of an utterance; a specific representation of a morpheme in a text; one of the variants of a morpheme with nonidentical elements, as in the Russian alternation:

(1) /nos/it’

(2) /nes/ti

(3) /nash/ivat’ [The above three infinitives all contain a morpheme having the basic meaning of “to carry” or “to wear.” Their meaning and usage differs according to their mode of action (in Russian, sposob deistviia; in German, Aktionsart).}

The choice of a morph depends upon its phonological or morphological environment and is subject either to the rules of complementary distribution, as in English plural formants /-s/, /-z/, and /-Iz/, or to the rule of free variation, as in Russian bel/oi/ sten/oi/bel/oiu/ sten/oiu/ (instrumental singular of belaia stena, “white wall“). The morphs of a single morpheme are known as its allomorphs.

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Collett (1912) claimed that the cervine morph had become more common in some places in Norway.
Previous research has revealed that distinct cannibal morphs are triggered by starvation (in some ciliates and cellular slime molds: Waddell 1992), diet (in rotifers and spade-foot toad tadpoles: Gilbert 1973, Pfennig 1990), and crowding with conspecifics (in larval tiger and Hynobius retardatus salamanders: Collins and Cheek 1983, Nishihara 1996).
The results suggested that the morphs were accepted as legitimate ID photos often enough that they may be feasible as tools for committing fraud, especially in border control situations where the final acceptance decision is often made by a human operator.
Maevia inclemens is an unusual jumping spider (Salticidae) because there are two male morphs that are strikingly distinct not only in morphology but also in courtship behavior (Clark 1994).
Gustafson and VanDruff (1990) commented on the abundance of the melanistic morph in urbanized areas compared to their relative absence in areas with less disturbance.
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He will be joined by a special guest host for a one-off event to share some of his favourite Morph moments.
In our case, we adopt an indirect mapping method which consists of: (1) parameterizing both source and target models onto a common, spherical parametric domain; (2) warping the parametric domains in order to ensure a feature correspondence between the two 3D shapes to be morphed.
This new poly morph (poly mo rph III) of the title compound is different fro m the previous ly reported s tructures (polymorph I and poly morph II).
We counted the number of visitors as well as the number and durations of their behaviors on each filmed inflorescence and per morph. To facilitate analysis, the only activities by visitors that we considered were feeding on nectar and collecting pollen.
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