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Regeneration whereby one part is transformed into another by reorganization of tissue fragments rather than by cell proliferation.



a means of regeneration in animals by which an organism or one of its organs forms from the part of the body or organ remaining after injury. Regeneration occurs by the remodeling of the remaining section. Morphallaxis is observed in many coelenterates, flat worms, annelids, arthropods, and tunicates.

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In such cases it is usually concluded that regeneration involves morphallaxis with some contribution from epimorphosis, or vice versa (Dolmatov, 1992, 1999; VandenSpie-gel et al., 2000; Candia Carnevali, 2006; Biressi et al., 2010).
Initial regeneration events occur by epimorphosis, cell proliferation being essential to the regenerative process, whereas late ev ents occur mainly by morphallaxis, with migration of the newly differentiated cells.