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The transformation involved in the growth and differentiation of cells and tissue. Also known as topogenesis.



the rise and development of organs, systems, and parts of organisms in their individual development (ontogeny), as well as in their historical, or evolutionary, development (phylogeny). The study of morphogenesis is one of the principal areas of plant, animal, and human morphology.

The established lawlike regularities of morphogenesis provided important evidence for the evolution of organisms. Contributors to the study of morphogenesis [followed by the years in which they made important discoveries] were Aristotle (fourth century B.C.), P. Belon (1555), W. Harvey (1651), C. F. Wolff (1759), J. W. von Goethe (1790, 1795), E. Geoffrey SaintHilaire (1831), K. E. von Baer (1828–37), W. Hofmeister (1851), E. Haeckel (1866), I. N. Gorozhankin (1875, 1880), and A. N. Severtsov (1931, 1939).

The study of morphogenetic features at various stages of ontogeny for the purpose of controlling the development of organisms is a basic concern of developmental biology, genetics, molecular biology, and evolutionary physiology. Morphogenetic research is also important in the study of heredity.


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The colored mulch approach combines the soil and water conserving benefits of mulch with the growth regulatory benefits of reflected morphogenic light.
Although fewer details were recorded in 1994 than in 1995, seedling size and dry matter distribution over three surfaces followed the same patterns each year, indicating the influentual role of reflected morphogenic light during early seedling growth.
Morphogenic capacities of the plants were evaluated using number of shoots (longer than 2mm) per explant, number of calli per explant, average regeneration frequency, fresh weight and dry weight.
We hypothesized that changing mulch color could keep those benefits, while also reflecting a yield-enhancing morphogenic light signal to the growing plants (10).
Although there are studies regarding the detailed management of defoliation for Italian ryegrass forage production, in a morphogenic level, most studies refer to the common cultivar, which may have important genetic and phenotypic variations.
The company wants to capitalize on an market opportunity for products that speed healing and reduce pain after spinal surgeries such as 'bone morphogenic proteins'.
The study's analysis predicted increased use of orthobiologics such as bone morphogenic proteins and autologous growth factors in orthopedic and spine surgeries to drive segment growth in the next five years.
Moreover, we demonstrated that biosilica not only increases the expression of bone morphogenic protein 2 (BMP-2), but also modulates the ratio of expression of two proteins, osteoprotegerin (OPG) and RANKL, that are crucial in pathogenesis of osteoporosis.
"A lot of surgeons will put BMP [bone morphogenic protein] in with a multitude of devices.