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An individual variant in a polymorphic population.



the minimal meaningful part of an utterance; a specific representation of a morpheme in a text; one of the variants of a morpheme with nonidentical elements, as in the Russian alternation:

(1) /nos/it’

(2) /nes/ti

(3) /nash/ivat’ [The above three infinitives all contain a morpheme having the basic meaning of “to carry” or “to wear.” Their meaning and usage differs according to their mode of action (in Russian, sposob deistviia; in German, Aktionsart).}

The choice of a morph depends upon its phonological or morphological environment and is subject either to the rules of complementary distribution, as in English plural formants /-s/, /-z/, and /-Iz/, or to the rule of free variation, as in Russian bel/oi/ sten/oi/bel/oiu/ sten/oiu/ (instrumental singular of belaia stena, “white wall“). The morphs of a single morpheme are known as its allomorphs.

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The results suggested that the morphs were accepted as legitimate ID photos often enough that they may be feasible as tools for committing fraud, especially in border control situations where the final acceptance decision is often made by a human operator.
45[degrees]-above view computer-animated stimuli: Since a predatory spider may be hunting in the vegetation somewhere above the courting male, we constructed 3-dimensional CAS that simulated the view a predator would see from a 45 angle above the T and G morphs performing phase I courtship displays.
Juvenile gray morphs often have a series of dark stripes or bands along the length of the ventral surface of the tail, which are obscured by the growth of other hairs as the squirrels age (Sharp, 1958).
The flowers are composed of 6 blue lilac tepals, persistent tepals fused along half their length into a perianth tube; the androecium consist of six stamens inserts at different levels, with long-, mid- and short-styled morphs (hereafter referred to as the L, M and S morphs, respectively), and a yellow mark or nectar guide on the upper middle lobe.
In the second experiment, this test was also used to determine differences in predation at differing perch heights and on differing perch diameters for each morph. The same randomization test was also used for each experiment to determine differences in predation rate on morphs, independent of the perch they were on.
Genetics of the short-winged morph.--Crossing between short-winged morphs of the Tsushima strain and long-winged morphs of the Okinawa albino strain produced a dark-colored [F.sub.1] generation with long wings (n > 150), indicating that the long-winged morph and pigmented body color are dominant traits.
Meet the Morphs walks are at 11am and 2pm today and August 10.
One Morph was wearing a bikini, another sported wings and a third was dressed as a rap star.
The skin that covers the compliant flame must be stiff enough to transfer aerodynamic forces to the internal structure, and flexible enough to stretch with the frame as it morphs to another shape.
In the present study, clay models of the common garter snake were used to test for a difference in attack frequency between adult and juvenile striped and melanistic garter snakes; such difference may indicate a difference in cryptic coloration between the two morphs. The research was performed on the shores of Sandusky Bay and Lake Erie, where polymorphic garter snake populations contain both striped and melanistic garter snakes.
The main difference between them is the Pro version provides key framing for defined paths for the morph dots to travel, which produces smoother morphs.