mortar mix

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mortar, mortar mix

A plastic mixture of cementitious materials (such as plaster, cement, or lime) with water and a fine aggregate (such as sand); can be troweled in the plastic state; hardens in place. When used in masonry construction, the mixture may contain masonry cement or ordinary hydraulic cement with lime (and often other admixtures) to increase its plasticity and durability. also see clay-and-hair mortar, gypsum mortar, lime mortar.
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8 As the mortar mix is not too wet, this allows you to brush away any excess mortar without the worry of creating stains on the face of the slab.
After patching various holes in the walls with a standard lime mortar mix (3:1 sharp sand: lime), we are now ready to think about exterior decoration.
Fill the gaps between the slabs with a dry mortar mix.
In wheelbarrow or mixer, add water as needed to make a cake-icing smooth mortar from about a half bag of slow-set, masonry sand mortar mix.
Invitation for Bid: Portland cement mortar mix and ready mix quickrete
Tricia and Bob, Waltham Abbey, Essex A Use a wet mortar mix of one part cement, four parts sand for joint widths between 8-15mm.
4 Use a trowel to spread the dry mortar mix evenly in the hole, leaving the surface of the mix around 30mm from the surface.
Point up the gaps with a semi-dry mortar mix of 4:1 Builders sand and cement.
Then finish off the area by pointing between the slabs with a stiff mortar mix (1:3 or 1:4 cement:sand) to create a neat look and prevent weeds growing in the cracks.
To fill the gaps between the slabs, brush a dry mortar mix into the open joints.
For small jobs you can buy dry mortar mix in 25-, 40-, or 85-pound bags for a nickel or less a pound; just add water according to the directions on the bag.
If the mortar mix is too weak, then the roughcast becomes porous, allowing water to penetrate.