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It is attached to the mortise lock and then installed in the door underneath where the rose/ lever are attached.
Make sure the keyhole of a mortise lock has a pivotal keyhole cover, for example, and install a letterbox excluder.
Make sure the keyhole of a mortise lock has a pivotal keyhole cover,for example,and install a letter box excluder.
QCAN you recommended a mortise lock to upgrade our front door?
What makes a mortise lock particularly good is that it is fitted into a slot cut out of the door and its bolt goes into a "keeper" fitted into another slot cut out of the door frame.
The five-level part is used in a commercial mortise lock for hotel room and office building doors.
Our Madison, NJ Locksmith services include Magnetic Locks, File Cabinet Locks, Exit Alarms, Mortise Lock Replacement/Repair, and Security Consultations.
New from Indianapolis-based Stanley Security Solutions is the IDH MAX 1300 lock, which can be installed in cylindrical or mortise lock applications.
One of the best pieces of security advice is to fit a mortise lock to the front and back doors.
A WHILE a pair of side-hung doors would give you easy access to the appliances, you would have to make sure the doors are fitted with bolts top and bottom as well as a strong mortise lock in the centre.
doors should be equipped with lock and hardware (mortise lock (key-key) and a handle, color chrome) in full, as well as the necessary additional elements