mortise-and-tenon joint

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mortise-and-tenon joint, mortise joint

mortise-and-tenon joint
A joint between two wood members that is formed by fitting a tenon at the end of the one member into a mortise in the other member; the mortise and the tenon are usually cut or shaped with a mallet and chisel. After fitting the tenon into the mortise, a hole is drilled through them with an auger; then a wooden peg (treenail) is driven into the hole to secure the joint. Also called a mortise-and-pegged joint.
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The test consisted of determining the short- and long-term deflection characteristics of wall cabinet frames and panel-on-frame wall cabinets that use round mortise-and-tenon joints in their construction.
Two-pin dowel and mortise-and-tenon joints assembled with polyvinyl acetate adhesive were considered as traditional adhesive-based joints, and minifix plus dowel and screw joints were considered alternative non-adhesive-based joints.
Some mortise-and-tenon joints were strengthened by the use of dowels, which functioned like a pin driven through both parts to give the lock between them extra strength.
Kessel conducted full-scale tests on oak and spruce mortise-and-tenon joints with two octagonal oak pegs to provide tension design criteria.
Even though I'm a seasoned DIYer, I've managed to keep mortise-and-tenon joints at bay for years.
To tie it all together, this 2,000-square-foot design incorporated mortise-and-tenon joints (see photos below).
The bits, designed by professional woodworker Lonnie Bird, create smooth, clean lines for constructing offset mortise-and-tenon joints for Mission Style glass doors.
6 Remove all traces of old glue from the mortise-and-tenon joints using sandpaper (100-grit) or a plumber's pipe-cleaning brush.
The specific objective of this paper was to determine the strength and durability of a traditional style desk frame constructed of solid wood with round mortise-and-tenon joints and a laminated desk frame constructed with lap-joint rectangular mortise-and-tenon joints.