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A solid mass of blastomeres formed by cleavage of the eggs of many animals; precedes the blastula or gastrula, depending on the type of egg.
(invertebrate zoology)
A cluster of immature male gametes in which differentiation occurs outside the gonad; common in certain annelids.



a stage in the development of the embryo in multicellular animals, preceding the completion of the period of cleavage. In the morula stage, the embryo is a mass of cells (blastomeres) that resembles the aggregate fruit (“berry”) of the raspberry, blackberry, or mulberry. The morula stage is followed by the blastula stage.

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Carlson and Mutter (14) described 83 sequential EIN lesions and found that 39 (47%) contained metaplastic changes (squamous morular, 18%; tubal secretory, 14%; and secretory, mucinous, or ciliated change, 5% each).
Morular metaplasia may also mimic the coalescence of glands seen in carcinoma.
In particular, those cases with squamous morular metaplasia, those with mucinous metaplasia, and those arising within endometrial polyps likely require consensus review.