Most Significant Bit

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most significant bit

[′mōst sig′nif·i·gənt ′bit]
(computer science)
The left-most bit in a word. Abbreviated msb.

Most Significant Bit

(MSB) Bit n-1 in an n bit binary number, the bit with the greatest weight (2^(n-1)). The first or leftmost bit when the number is written in the usual way.
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The statistical results obtained of capacity, SNR and PSNR for data hiding in most significant bits of cover image pixels are listed in the Table 1.
It was apparent from Table 1, that as the range of Bi" decreased and shift towards most significant bits the hiding capacity also decreased and consequently, the SNR and PSNR decreased.
In the HQAM, data with high priority (HP) are mapped onto the most significant bits (MSBs) of QAM constellation points, and data with low priority (LP) are mapped onto the corresponding least significant bits (LSBs).
Their scheme extracts some of the most significant bits (MSB) from each pixel of the secret image and puts them into the least significant bits (LSB) of each pixel of the cover image.
The main idea of [10] is to hide the most significant bits (MSBs) of each secret image pixel into the least significant bits (LSBs) of each cover image pixel.
The first task is to calculate the MSB address by taking the n least significant bits of the value of the address counter n most significant bits plus one.
The additional terms introduced in the previous section can be included into the partial product generated as three/two/one most significant bits computed as follows, whereby, ++ is the bits concatenation operation, (A) is the binary notation of integer A, [0.
4 standard--the four least significant bits of a data byte are mapped to one symbol and the four most significant bits are mapped to the next symbol.
Knudsen says, however, that in practice the largest errors depend on the most significant bits.
The LSB of each pixel in a block is stripped off, and the remaining high-order bits, or most significant bits (MSBs), of the pixels are concatenated with the image-size parameter and a secret user key.
The coarse channel would repeat once throughout the frequency band and provide the four most significant bits of the frequency report.
The result is 32-bit words with 0 in the most significant bits.

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