motion picture camera

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motion picture camera:

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lightproof box or container, usually fitted with a lens, which gathers incoming light and concentrates it so that it can be directed toward the film (in an optical camera) or the imaging device (in a digital camera) contained within.
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motion picture camera

[′mō·shən ¦pik·chər ‚kam·rə]
A camera capable of capturing action by taking a series of still pictures at regular brief intervals on a lengthy strip of film.
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Thus, motion picture camera 'looks' at the specific time exactly when its object lies into paroxysm, into the edge of the existence, but in a mood that is very important to the watching eye.
Unveiled at Cabsat 2012 in Dubai, the new device is aimed to provide the capabilities of traditional motion picture camera in a more compact and versatile way, a top official of Canon Middle East said.
eIuThe launch of the Cinema EOS System in the Middle East has been highly anticipated by the regioneIUs media production professionals and enthusiasts, since the new motion picture camera was announced at Hollywood in November last year.
Processes occurring faster than half the sampling rate produce nonsensical artifacts in the collected data as illustrated by the "wagon-wheel effect." When the spokes of a rotating wagon wheel are photographed by a motion picture camera operating at 24 flames-per-second (fps), the rotation appears as it should until the wheel achieves 12 rotations-per-second, after which the wheel looks as if it is rapidly spinning in the opposite direction.
[check] Invented the motion picture camera, incandescent light bulb and phonograph
Armenante and Dodd portray this oft-celebrated man not as a genius who single-handedly invented the motion picture camera but as a villainous, boastful egomaniac who exploited his brilliant assistant W.K.L.
The resulting film, Steiner's first, was a demonstration of the possibilities of the motion picture camera in the hands of an artist perceptually alert to the visual world around him and willing to focus on aspects of it consistently ignored by commercial filmmakers.
The Motion Picture Camera and the Reducing Craze of the 1920s.
Sony has come on the market with what it calls the HDW-F900 camera, a revolutionary 24p HDCAM (high-definition camera) whose 24-frames-per-second capture rate and 180-degree shuttering are similar to those of a motion picture camera. The resultant look is closer to film quality than digital video has ever been, and 24p is becoming an attractive alternative for filmmakers, especially those working in television.
As one ethnographic filmmaker commented, I believe Boas to be one of the first anthropologists, and perhaps the first social scientist anywhere, to use the motion picture camera to generate data in natural settings (as opposed to a laboratory) in order to study gesture, motor habits and dance as manifestations of culture.

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