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We had no money, but we had an idea for the world's most sophisticated motion picture projector and the most sophisticated camera.
Silicon Light Machines' business plan was to build a motion picture projector from the GLV chip they already had working with good yield in our Texas fab.
He also was responsible for numerous inventions and worked with Thomas Edison to create the "magniscope," the first motion picture projector.
The 55-foot-long, all-electric float will feature a towering, 28-foot floral image of the Wizard of Menlo Park, surrounded by his most popular inventions -- the light bulb, the motion picture projector and camera, the telephone, and the phonograph (his favorite).
Technique Mirage uses a specially adapted motion picture projector that creates a bright, steady picture as the truck moves through the streets of Chicago, Los Angeles and New York.
com ) Ballantyne Strong is a provider of digital cinema projection equipment and services as well as cinema screens, motion picture projectors and specialty lighting equipment and services.
The Kodak deal, which will be applicable to the deployment of digital motion picture projectors to U.

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