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Police are appealing for witnesses to two robberies where the offenders used motor scooters in the same Black Country district.
It weighs about 40 kilograms, roughly half the weight of conventional motor scooters powered by gasoline engines, they said.
The club's mission is to rescue, preserve and restore all makes of motor scooter and offers expert advice for vintage motor scooter owners and enthusiasts.
PROMISING British cyclist Jonny Bellis is being treated in an Italian hospital following a crash on his motor scooter.
A TEENAGE girl is in hospital with a fractured skull after being thrown over the handlebars of a motor scooter.
The man was knocked from his Asprilla motor scooter by an unidentified car which was overtaking in the oncoming direction.
Julie was told he had annoyed neighbours driving around on his motor scooter.
An inquest heard today how Philip Woodruff carried two-year-old Ashleigh to his house in Finchley Road, Fairwater, Cardiff, in a panicstricken state after she was thrown clear of the motor scooter they had been riding on.
Police are hunting a gunman who murdered a man on his doorstep before fleeing on a motor scooter bearing an L-plate.
In comical situations, one sees this elongated yellow balloon sitting on a motor scooter, standing on a ladder, or pinned to the wall by a wooden bar - an homage to Charles Ray.
A MOTOR SCOOTER driver was taken to hospital with suspected neck injuries after colliding with a car in Halesowen.
A motor scooter was taken from one house and a Triumph motorbike from another.