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common name for many species of wild and domesticated ruminant mammals of the genus Ovis of the Bovidae, or cattle, family. The male is called a ram (if castrated it is a wether), the female is called a ewe, and their offspring is a lamb.
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The mouflons ("moufliforms") and urials are generally not sheep of high mountains; they are often hunted in rolling "Mediterranean-type" hills, a pleasant experience that is usually not extremely difficult.
Siberian ibex Capra ibex, mouflon Ovis orientalis and red deer Cervus elaphus), to 2-4 months in others (e.
Ivanov says the losses are incalculable for the zoo as the mouflons and the fallow deer are rather expensive animals.
Intitule << Les secrets des mouflons >>, le chapitre 6 traite du chant, des incantations et des objets chamaniques, mais egalement des techniques de guerison et de communication avec les entites non humaines.
The Aloha State's mouflons range freely on the islands of Lanai and Hawaii.
Cet os est a peu pres contemporain de specimens provenant de loups, de chevaux et de mouflons de Dall trouves au meme endroit, a la surface d'un ancien terrain datant du milieu du wisconsinien.
Contrasting textures are created by mixing fleeces with rubberised detailing and laminated wovens with flannels and mouflons.
The House agriculture committee has asked the government to submit a scheme that tackles all the problems mouflons cause to the produce and property of farmers by the end of September, it was announced on Tuesday.
Moreover, the target zone is adjoining eastern part of Khosrov Forest State Reserve and may serve as a buffer area and an ecological corridor for many endangered wild animals, as Leopards (Panthera pardus), Bezoar Goats (Capra aegagrus), Mouflons (Ovis orientailis) etc.
Iran has at least seven distinct races of wild sheep, including Urial sheep, mouflons and naturally occurring hybrids.
Several studies have reported the presence of either BTV antibodies (2,3) or the virus (4) in red deer (Cervus elaphus), roe deer (Capreolus capreolus), mouflons (Ovisaries), and several other wild bovids and cervids (2,5).