mountain lion

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mountain lion:

see pumapuma
or cougar
, New World member of the cat family, Puma concolor. Also known as mountain lion, catamount, panther, and painter, it ranges from S British Columbia to the southern tip of South America. The puma is slenderly built, with a lionlike face.
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mountain lion

[′mau̇nt·ən ‚lī·ən]
(vertebrate zoology)

Mountain Lion

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Officers also set up a trap near the area of the mountain lion attack.
This research matched a hypothesis held by DNR wildlife biologists that mountain lions documented in this region were males looking to establish territories, dispersing from a population west of Michigan, east of the Rocky Mountains.
Our age-at-harvest data consisted of all reported mountain lion mortalities (legal harvests and nonharvest mortalities [e.g., illegal take, depredation, vehicle collision]) that occurred in North Dakota, including those on the Fort Berthold Reservation, between March 2005 and February 2017.
Victorville Area:Sean Adrian Ishol of Lucerne has animal control on its way, there is a mountain lion in his garage!...
Later in life, he preferred the Winchester Model 1886 in .33 Winchester for hunting bears and the Winchester Model 1894 or the Marlin Model 1893 in .30-30 for hunting mountain lions, but he also used .22 and .32 Rimfire rifles and was photographed with a Savage Model 1899 in .303 Savage.
Mountain lions rarely attack because they tend to avoid people.
The area wildlife manager for CPW, Ty Petersburg, said: "Mountain lion attacks are not common in Colorado and it is unfortunate that the lion's hunting instincts were triggered by the runner.
The body of the mountain lion, which officials said was less than a year old and weighed under 70 pounds, was found on the trail near some of the man's possessions and was taken to a lab for examination.
Before the mountain lion took off, they had fitted her with a radio collar, so wherever she went, they'd be able to find her.
The four-year-old mountain lion, which biologists had tracked with a GPS collar and had named P-64, was roaming in the Simi Hills, northwest of Los Angeles, when the fire broke out nearby, Jeff Sikich, a biologist for Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, said in a statement.
She added that the mountain lion was two or three years old and thin for its age.
Throughout Jean Stafford's 1947 novel, The Mountain Lion, young girl protagonist Molly Fawcett presents an unsettling perspective of the Colorado landscape.