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Agatha Christie's masterpiece inspired the foundation of Mousetrap Theatre Projects, a leading educational charity.
The longestrunning show in British theatre, The Mousetrap embarks on its first ever UK tour this year, arriving at Birmingham's Alexandra Theatre in February and Wolverhampton's Grand in May.
It will continue to prosper once The Mousetrap, as it must surely do one day, snaps finally shut.
"I do not, I'm afraid, remember much about the actual presentation and probably nobody realised until much later what a marvellous present Agatha Mousetrap, it was.
I was reminded of Hoback's "mousetrap" line recently when I heard an interview with the head of product development at the Victor company, the dominant mousetrap manufacturer for generations.
In this case, the hinge of the mousetrap is your fulcrum, the marshmallow is the load, and the spoon is the load arm.
The partners say they plan to develop other derivatives of the transmission systems for use in smaller vehicles, while other partners are encouraged to join the team to see if this new mousetrap is better than the one already on the market.--KMK
Notwithstanding the contempt that the sixteenth-century Hamlet heaps upon the aesthetics of "dumb shows and noise" (3.2.12) in his address to the players, "The Mousetrap" (which he has a hand in producing) begins with a lengthy dumb show.
Part of the problem is that the development industry suffers from what I call the "better mousetrap syndrome", the belief that if you build a better mousetrap the world will beat a path to your door.
It doesn't matter if it's a better mousetrap. It doesn't matter (quite as much) if it's a cheaper mousetrap.
Unoxhaka is Zulu for 'mousetrap' and is something completely new in the never-ending struggle against vehicle crime in South Africa.
As regards longevity, are there any records left to be broken when it comes to "The Mousetrap," whose half-century birthday milestone nearly 18 months ago is already receding into memory?