movable partition

demountable partition, relocatable partition

demountable partitions
A nonload-bearing partition of dry construction, assembled from prefabricated components, which can be installed, removed,
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aa u "In an embodiment the passenger and cargo compartments are separated by at least a movable partition wall.
I work for Accordial Manufacturing Ltd, the UK's largest manufacturer and supplier of acoustic movable partition walls.
"A vision of the apocalypse in the St Bernadette Church, where the big movable partition is threatening to fall," one blogger wrote on a website.
All of the residences will offer an extra room for added space and half of them will boast a movable partition to allow for the creation of a truly exceptional living style.
The way space will be used determines the level of isolation required of the movable partition. Today's music and audiovisual systems deliver a lot of low-frequency energy.
In what the company says is a major advance in cold storage flexibility, Williams has launched a movable partition wall for a dual compartment coldroom, offering a 50:50 or 60:40 split for chilled/frozen food storage.
Between the opposing patches lies a region called a domain wall, which Cowburn describes as resembling a stretchy, movable partition more than a fixed wall.
The 300-cubic-foot (9-cubic-meter) Soilection(r) AirMax 2000 box has two main compartments for dry agricultural crop improvement products separated by a 50/50 or 60/40 movable partition. Right and left hand conveyors transport product from each compartment to the rear of the machine and pneumatically deliver it to 32 dual fin nozzles for a 70-foot (2,100-centimeter) distribution width.
I am lucky enough to be writing this article as a KTP associate, I work as a Product Development Engineer at Nusing Manufacturing, a manufacturer of acoustic movable partition walls, based in Loughborough, partnered with De Montfort University, Leicester.
Movable partition dividers made the path to class seem like a maze.
The pool's depth can be varied from nothing to 2.05m by altering the height of the base slabs on pneumatic jacks, and different depths can be provided simultaneously by dividing it into 33.3m and 15m portions by a movable partition. (When pool depth is changed, the slabs move through the water without displacing the volume.)