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expansion joint

expansion joint, 1
1.A joint or gap between adjacent parts of a building, structure, or concrete work which permits their relative movement due to temperature changes (or other conditions) without rupture or damage.
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Most movement can be predicted so we build in movement joints to long stretches of brickwork, use flexible mastic sealant between window frames and brick surrounds and our pitched roofs have slates and tiles fixed at one end only so they can slip over each other as the wind flexes the roof structure.
Get Report Sample Copy@ Bridge expansion joints, also known as movement joints, are the components in bridges that allow the bridge to expand and contract with respect to temperature changes.
"To read in the media that the "construction experts" say that they would have needed 14 movement joints to clad with a solid material a 42-metre span girder is utter nonsense.
A report to cabinet members said: "In 2013 it was noted that the carriageway movement joints on the bridge had failed and could be seen to be moving under heavy wheel loads."
Roots can also grow between paving slabs and movement joints of concrete drives lifting brick paving.
| Exploiting poorly laid surfacing, growing between slabs and movement joints of concrete drives and disrupting brick paving.
Movement joints were saw cut and in filled with Masterflex.
Flooring specialist Genesis has supplied more than 2,300m of tailor-made movement joints for the tiling of Aberdeen's 700,000 sq ft Union Square shopping mall.
A spokeswoman for the city council's highways department said: "Recent inspections and assessments have identified the need for protection works to the joints and supports of Lancaster flyover, including water-proofing, cathodic protection (corrosion prevention) and replacement of carriageway movement joints.
CCTV is a single structural system, one of the largest in the world with no movement joints, and it is estimated that it used 20 per cent less steel than a single tower containing the same gross floor area.
The works to the bridge, on the A559 over the A556, involving water proofing, concrete repairs and the renewal of movement joints, have required a further five days of work.

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