moving staircase

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escalator, moving staircase, moving stairway

A power-driven, inclined, continuous stairway used for raising or lowering passengers.
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His museum in Hyderabad even boasts a scaled-down London bus and a moving staircase.
Who doesn't regularly jump on to a moving staircase rather than walk up a flight of steps?
Purchasing several adjoining late medieval and Renaissance properties in the Oltrarno, Bardini literally deconstructed and rebuilt them, moving staircases, and other architectural elements, into what he envisaged as the optimum showcase for the art.
A total of 10 lifts and 63 moving staircases serve the first Europe to Asia rail-link, which runs under the Bosphorus Strait, the busy shipping channel which links the Sea of Marmara to the Black Sea.
His refurbishment was a major job, involving knocking down walls and moving staircases to create a spacious family home.
During the series, we'll see Clarke knocking down walls and moving staircases with budgets on the show ranging from pounds 30,000 to pounds 150,000, but the expert is keen to point out that this could be considerably cheaper than moving.
There's a definite air of menace that simmers over Connellan's atmospheric wood and metal set, with its water-flanked boardwalks, cranes, trapdoors and moving staircases.
Hogwarts is a Gothic treat to behold, with portraits that have a life of their own, moving staircases and the cosiest common room ever.
Harry potter enjoyed huge feasts, moving staircases and talking paintings.
With its moving staircases, animated paintings, free-floating candles, night-sky ceiling and hidden vaults, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is everything you could wish for.
One of our clients took quite a bit of persuading that his outdated kitchen and seldom-used dining room would benefit from a drastic revamp which involved knocking down walls, adding windows, moving staircases and transforming the lot into one huge open-plan space.