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farm machine used for cutting grasses and other hay crops. Mowers, drawn by or attached to tractors, or self-propelled, have superseded scythes. The mower is essentially an adaptation of the much earlier reaperreaper,
early farm machine drawn by draft animals or tractor and used to harvest grain. Its historical predecessors were the sickle and the cradle scythe, which are still used in some parts of the world.
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. The first commercial mower was patented in 1847. Modern tractor mowers are usually described, according to their attachment to the tractor, as trailing, rear-mounted, or side-mounted. Lawn mowers are smaller machines, powered and propelled by hand or by gasoline motors.


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a machine for mowing natural and planted grasses. Mowers may be mounted, trailer-type, or self-propelled. The most common type is a mounted mower combined with a tractor or with a self-propelled frame.

The principal working element of the mower is a finger-type or rotary cutter. Mowers with rotary cutters are used extensively abroad, and in the USSR, primarily for cutting grass in gardens and on lawns. The finger-type cutter consists of a finger bar and segmented blade. When the mower is in operation the segments of the blade, moving in an alternating motion, cut the stalks that fall into the spaces between the fingers.

There are single-bar mowers and mowers with a number of finger bars. The working elements of the mower are driven by a takeoff shaft from a tractor. (See Table 1 for information on mowers produced in the USSR.)


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