muck soil

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1. An organic soil of very soft consistency; also called muck soil.
2. Material to be excavated; clay, dirt, loam, stone, etc.
3. The material so excavated.
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Next to muck soils, loam soils are most desirable as growing media.
Peat, like muck soil, is an organic soil, consisting of poorly decomposed animal and plant remnants (Brown 2009) with organic matter content ranging from 40 to 80% (Andriesse 1988; Litaor et al.
Moist muck soil (80% organic matter) was collected from sugarcane fields and insects and debris removed to insure homogeneity.
Collected larvae were maintained in buckets of muck soil on a carrot diet within an insectory room at 27[degrees]C and 14:10 L:D h photoperiod until used.
Five sugarcane fields on muck soils in Cherry: Wireworm Population Dynamics 427 southern Florida were sampled.
The presence of thick muck soils is the major contributing factor to the high productivity of the soil.
Muck soils are nitrogen-rich, but are generally low in phosphorus and potassium.
Muck soils are suitable for vegetable crop production whereas other soil types in the study region are less well suited.