muck soil

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1. An organic soil of very soft consistency; also called muck soil.
2. Material to be excavated; clay, dirt, loam, stone, etc.
3. The material so excavated.
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This latter rate was selected by the manufacturer (Gowan Company, Yuma, AZ) as a feasible rate for testing against the wireworms in sugarcane under muck soil conditions.
Most (75%) sugarcane in Florida is grown on histosols (referred to as muck soils), while the remainder is grown in a mixture of spodosols, alfisols, and entisols (referred to as sandy soils) that are typical of the flatwoods of central and southern Florida.
Five sugarcane fields on muck soils in Cherry: Wireworm Population Dynamics 427 southern Florida were sampled.
Richness -0.1003 -0.8035 *# Muck Soils 1.5040 Loam Soils 3.0702 *# Tree Spp.
Next to muck soils, loam soils are most desirable as growing media.
The presence of thick muck soils is the major contributing factor to the high productivity of the soil.
Muck soils are nitrogen-rich, but are generally low in phosphorus and potassium.
"Muck soils," which are mostly OM, were excluded from the study as these soils are thought to have a market of their own.
(One exception is muck soils, where nearly all the solid matter is made up of organic materials.