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Marginal entropion describes a situation in which there is not significant inversion of the eyelid, but the mucocutaneous junction advances anteriorally to the meibomian gland orifices, which results in the misdirection of the lashes.
Paresthesias of the extremities, of the tongue, or at the mucocutaneous junction of the lips, mouth, or anus have also been described.
A male crossbred dog was presented with soft, pink, multinodular growth on mucocutaneous junction protruding from right medial canthus of lower eye lid since 2 month.
The vestibule is surrounded laterally by the lower (alar) cartilage and extends posteriorly to the limen nasi, a ridge of tissue that marks the mucocutaneous junction approximately 2 cm from the vestibule entrance and corresponds to the upper margin of the alar cartilage.
A lateral incision was made in mucocutaneous junction on either side of midline up to bulbus glandis, the mucosa was undermined along the ventral abdominal wall.