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Any of various glycoproteins, similar to mucins but differing in solubilities and precipitation properties and found in cartilage, in the crystalline lens, and in white of egg.
Resembling mucus.
Pertaining to large colonies of bacteria characterized by being moist and sticky.
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an obsolete term applied to carbohydrate-protein compounds present in a variety of biological matter, such as egg white, cornea, cartilage, vitelline membranes of amphibian and invertebrate eggs, synovia of the joints, secretions of the salivary glands, ovarian cysts, and blood plasma. In view of their chemical structure, it has been suggested that mucoids be called mucopolysaccharides or glycoproteins.

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[11] Hoyle BD, Williams LJ, Costerton JW Production of mucoid exopolysaccharide during development of Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms.
aeruginosa strains, especially after their conversion to alginate-producing mucoid form, is rarely eradicated by antibiotics (Heiby 1974; Pedersen et al.
The colony phenotype classified as mucoid or nonmucoid of each isolate was performed after grown on LuriaBertani (LB) agar plates (24 h incubation at 37[degrees]C).
The mucoid material adheres to the colon wall and this serves as a habitat for destructive, toxin-releasing microorganisms.
S variants produce mucoid or "smooth" colonies when grown on agar.
The anal verge was soiled with bloody mucoid stools.
It is possible that it poses a previously unrealized threat to CF patients, due to its mucoid nature and to its resistant antibiogram.
Mucoid, bloody stool is the result of venous congestion and ischemia in the affected area.
The resulting back up of tears causes a runny eye, mucoid discharge, and much parental concern.
In men it causes painful urination and a mucoid discharge, which are often misdiagnosed as symptoms of gonorrhea.
She presented to outpatient clinic in October 2016 with chief complaints of cough with yellowish mucoid sputum for the previous 10 years with recurrent episodes of common cold, sneezing since 10 years, exertional shortness of breath associated with wheezing which was more during winter months and which was relieved with bronchodilators.
The increased virulence is related to the presence of the capsular (K) antigen, producing a hyperviscous capsule leading to the growth of mucoid colonies on culture plates that resists phagocytosis [12, 30].