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As the first line of defense against pathogenic organisms within the intestinal lumen, the mucus layer and its alteration by alcohol exposure are of particular research interest.
We postulated that there is an involvement of NP-SH effect in maintaining mucus layer integrity as part of the hypothesized mechanism of gastric mucosal protection by PA.
They should also aim to identify the molecular receptors to which these proteins bind in the mucus layer, and they should achieve a better understanding of the binding affinity and perhaps even site specificity within the gastrointestinal tract.
It is sometimes referred to as the "sol phase" of the overlying mucus layer.
The mucus layer is also important to the gut lining as it provides lubrication and protects the gut from enzymatic acid and toxin attack, provides food for several microbial species, helps remove microorganisms and further serves as an antioxidant (Kohen and others 1993; Satchithanandan and others 1996).
This method mimics the mucus layer that protects epithelial cells in the human digestive tract.
Much like the effect of gastritis, alcohol breaks down the protective mucus layer that lines your stomach to aid in the destruction of acid, said Dr.
The cells, the special skin that lines the airways and lies under the mucus, have tiny arms that stick up into the mucus layer and shove it along like a conveyor belt.
Talking about the research, Gunnar C Hansson, a study author from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, said, "Diets that lack fibre alter the bacterial composition and bacterial metabolism, which in turn causes defects to the inner mucus layer, something that triggers inflammation and ultimately metabolic disease.
If fiber isn't available, the microbiota start eating away at the carbohydrate-rich mucus layer of the gut, inciting inflammation.
Briefly by using a microscope slide the mucus layer was gently scraped off and diluted four times with distilled water.