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see landslidelandslide,
rapid slipping of a mass of earth or rock from a higher elevation to a lower level under the influence of gravity and water lubrication. More specifically, rockslides are the rapid downhill movement of large masses of rock with little or no hydraulic flow, similar to
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a thin (up to 1 m thick) soil layer or drift and eluvial formation that moves (flows) down a slope under the influence of gravity as a result of saturation by meltwater, rainwater, or groundwater until it assumes a mudlike state. Mud-flows usually occur on smooth, unsodded slopes and on railroad embankments.

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A flowing mass of fine-grained earth material having a high degree of fluidity during movement.
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Movement of soft weak soil having the consistency of mud.
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Sisson says that with one exception--the Electron Mudflow, about 600 years ago--all of Mount Rainier's lahars occurred during periods associated with volcanic activity, when eruptions also laid down tephra deposits.
Called a mudflow, the wet soil sweeps downhill and picks up everything in its path, including people, he says.
Data Korban Lumpur Lapindo (data of the Lapindo mudflow victims), retrieved 29 June 2007.
Nine years after a noxious mudflow nicknamed Lusi started spilling out of the earth in East Java, the origin of this mud volcano still remains a highly disputed matter.
Mudflow (is a) river of liquid and flowing (emphasis added) mud on the surfaces of normally dry land areas, as when earth is carried by a current of water.
Mudflow means a river of liquid and flowing mud on the surfaces of normally dry land, as when earth is carried by a current of water.
A flood is defined as a temporary condition where two or more acres or two or more properties are partially or completely inundated by overflow of inland or tidal waters, unusual and rapid accumulation or runoff of surface waters from any source, or mudflow.
Among the 34 included papers, topics discussed are methods of population warning and communication in the case of landslips, large artificial water reservoirs and dams as critical risk objects in Armenia, prevention and intervention in the case of catastrophes in the Moldava area of Romania, mudflow protection in the city of Yerevan, and licensing and controlling mining operations to prevent emergencies.
Volcanologists plan to install three so-called ''acoustic flow measurement'' devices in rivers originating from the volcano for early detection of volcanic mudflow.
In mudflow areas, build channels or deflection walls to direct the flow around buildings," he said.
The pressure of the accumulated water and heavy downpour triggered the landslide and the mudflow engulfed three houses along its path.