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Islam the official of a mosque who calls the faithful to prayer five times a day from the minaret



in Islam, the paid servant of a mosque who five times daily proclaims the call (azan) to prayer.

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In the immediate aftermath of the liberation of Makkah, Bilal, who had long before been chosen by the Prophet (PBUH) to become the first muezzin, ascended to the top of the Ka'aba, in Islam's holiest city, and called the Muslim faithful to prayer.
One such, Edward Curtis, the Millennium Chair of liberal Arts and Professor of Religious Studies at Indiana University, dwells, in his book, The Call of Bilal: Islam in the African Diaspora (2016) on "the historical figure" that became the first muezzin in Islam, whose rise from slavery "inspire Muslims of African descent to reclaim their heritage and to play a legitimate role as moral leaders for Muslims worldwide".
The 39-year-old muezzin was sentenced to death by the High Criminal Court in November, a sentence upheld by the Cassation Court in February.
I still prefer the chorus of a multitude of muezzins. There's something magical about the sound of several adhans all imperfectly following one another, something raw, and very real.
The 'Muezzin Bill' aims to amend the laws regarding noise restrictions so as to restrict the time of day and volume by which mosques can broadcast the traditional call to prayer.
"Aside from judging Sherine Reda, we have to really admit that we have a major issue in the selection of Muezzins to deliver adhan, or call for prayer, to people in different areas," Ehsan Yasser, 45 years old, university professor, living in Al-Haram district, said.
A muezzin is a man who calls to prayer from the minaret of a mosque - mostly using loudspeakers.
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Azan in every state: Jameel Syed, 40, is the muezzin at the mosque in Rochester Hills, Michigan, just outside Detroit.
Baquba / Nina / A muezzin of a mosque was killed and two policemen were injured in two separate incidents north of Baquba.
Initially a video circulating on social media websites had shown a muezzin (prayer caller) 'confessing' to the gruesome assault and murder in front of local police.