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Islam the official of a mosque who calls the faithful to prayer five times a day from the minaret



in Islam, the paid servant of a mosque who five times daily proclaims the call (azan) to prayer.

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The top three imams won Dh30,000, Dh25,000 and Dh20,000; while the muezzins won Dh25,000, Dh20,000 and Dh15,000.
Hassen Rasool, a muezzin and artist, was selected by Channel 4 to recite the Quran, to be aired in every household at sunrise during the holy month of Ramadan.
While the muezzins wail and church bells toll, Cyprus sinks deeper into a mire of drug abuse, gambling dens, vice and purposelessness - a Black Period in the island's history.
The Freedom Party said its andldquo;Bye bye Mosque andrdquo; game was in part in reaction to Sarrazin andrsquo;s comments saying they would prefer to have andldquo;Sarrazin rather than muezzin, andrdquo; in Austria.
But muezzins, who usually hold down other jobs and believe God will reward them for the task, complain they will lose a traditional vocation.
For many tourists visiting the Arab world, the calls of the muezzins summoning the Muslim faithful to daily prayers is both charming and a constant reminder of the heritage that they have come to discover.
The book also contains sections on the origins of the definitions of the times of prayer that became standard (but which are not specifically mentioned either in the Qur'an or the hadith), on the simple methods for timekeeping that were used by the scholars of the sacred law, and on the activities and social status of the muezzins and muwaqqits.
Then came the call of the muezzins from minarets all over the city, and the sight of the Muslim faithful making their way to mosques.
As we shoveled in the dirt, sweating in the heat, the muezzins roundabout began calling the faithful to prayer.
In a statement issued today, the directorate said that its Board of Directors had prohibited Imams, preachers, muezzins and halls' supervisors from allowing those facilities to be used to promote parliamentary or municipal candidates in order to preserve the sanctity of mosques, built solely to worship Allah and promote religious precepts.
The ministry banned foreigners from leading prayers last year, but allowed some muezzins and imams to delegate their duties to expatriates through subcontracts, in return for part of their monthly salary.
Manama: A decision by the Jfari Endowments in Bahrain to adopt a new policy in granting salaries and bonuses to muezzins (one who declares the call for prayer) and imams (one who leads the prayer) is setting off a drumbeat for a bitter stand-off.