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(mŭg`wŭmps'), slang term in U.S. political history for the Republicans who in 1884 deserted their party nominee, James G. BlaineBlaine, James Gillespie,
1830–93, American politician, b. West Brownsville, Pa. Early Career

Blaine taught school and studied law before moving (1854) to Maine, where he became an influential newspaper editor.
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, to vote for the Democratic nominee, Grover ClevelandCleveland, Grover
(Stephen Grover Cleveland), 1837–1908, 22d (1885–89) and 24th (1893–97) President of the United States, b. Caldwell, N.J.; son of a Presbyterian clergyman.
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See L. W. Peterson, The Day of the Mugwump (1961).


Republican party members who voted independently. [Am. Hist.: Jameson, 337]
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WIDE RANGE: Sarah Wills, at The Mugwump which sells a variety of goods.
Republicans who remained loyal to their party accused the bolters of a supercilious attitude and nicknamed them mugwumps.
In the rumpus room, the mugwump is presented as the ultimate sexual connoisseur and predator:
Examples of terms: sobriquet, polyglot, positivism, mugwump, ipso facto, chicanery, and zaftig.
The realm of journalism is made up of warlord fiefs, each with its own tribalisms, and it takes courage to go against them, or to play the mugwump in a nest of zealots.
Editor's note: For information on ordering reprints from Memories of a Former Kid, contact: MugWump Marketing, 11152 Base Line Road, Dundas, MN 55019; (507) 645-7999.
I sang Ave Maria for the Heap, for Groot, for the Mugwump, for Thoth, the Centtaur, Pan; I summoned them all to my room in the Broog, the werewolf, the vampire, Frankenstein, every monster imaginable And sang and sang Ave Maria-- The room got to be unbearable
Originating out of mugwump efforts against the urban machine, the Progressive-era anti-vice movement included such well-known figures as John D.
This ironic and off-key contribution to Victorian America got an echo in Blodgett's 1980 essay in Journal of American History, "The Mugwump Reputation, 1870 to the Present," research assistance for which came in part from the Victorian Society in America.
It is no accident that this reiteration interrupts and thus punctuates the eroticized hanging of a youth by a Mugwump under Hassan's watchful gaze, one of Burroughs's central images of the sexuality of domination.
In 1881, Mugwump reformers pushed through the city's first antismoke ordinance, and during the early 1890s the civic elite, including a number of prominent businessmen, formed the Society for the Prevention of Smoke in an effort to clean up the city before the 1893 World's Fair.
260) The events of the 1880s provoked a crisis for more traditional, mugwump, liberals.