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1. a person having one Black and one White parent
2. of a light brown colour



the offspring of a mixed marriage between a Negro and a member of the Caucasoid race. Mulattoes constitute a significant part of the population of many Latin American and some African countries, notably the Republic of South Africa.

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16) Beard had written that after Louverture had been promoted to "general of division" in the French army, Rigaud, "the champion of the mulattoes, .
While discourses on conjoined twins and tragic mulattoes have both suggested these groups are fusion monsters on physical, psychological, and ontological grounds, the monster in The Thing with Two Heads combines both of these kinds of fusion monsters.
10) Consequently, hybridism was described as "heinous," and mulattoes became a "spurious" issue requiring legal regulation.
The advantages of being white were so obvious that race prejudice against the Negroes permeated the minds of the Mulattoes who so bitterly resented the same thing from the whites.
Below, I will consider two 1912 novels that address the position of mulattoes in the early twentieth century.
Another reduction on African and Afro-Hispano liberties came in 1577 with a decree that free Blacks and mulattoes should live with known employers, which would facilitate the payment of tribute and keep African descendants under control.
Toms, Coons, Mulattoes, Mammies, and Bucks (Bogle, Continuum Publishing co.
Rejected by educated blacks and mulattoes, the idea was nevertheless hailed - as are many extreme nationalistic appeals - by the destitute or disillusioned.
When my own newspaper sponsored the play Flyin' West by Pearl Cleage, for instance, I bypassed an opportunity to vent my rage at the negative stereotypes of mulattoes that she perpetuated in the play.
Indicative of his business skills-and representative of all those mulattoes who ran both ante- and postbellum businesses-Mayzek increased the value of his estate during the war and immediate postwar years and by 1870 possessed $700 in property.
In that state, one clerk rewrote history by simply categorizing people as black, white or mulatto, Griffith says, and "you will find that a great many of those listed as mulattoes were Native American.