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A multi-carrier GSM phone with two, three or four SIM cards. Dual-SIM phones are popular with global travelers who use local and foreign carriers as well as people who want a business and personal line in one device. Triple SIM and quad SIM phones support three and four carriers respectively. Following is the alphabet soup. See SIM card.

DSSS (Dual SIM Single Standby)
Older dual SIM phones had one transceiver and only one carrier would be active.

DSDS (Dual SIM Dual Standby)
Also called "DSS" (Dual SIM Standby). Two receivers/one transmitter. Accepts calls from one carrier at a time.

DSDA (Dual SIM Dual Active)
Two transceivers enable calls with two carriers simultaneously.

TSTS (Triple SIM Triple Standby)
Three receivers/one transmitter. Accepts calls from one carrier at a time.

QSQS (Quad SIM Quad Standby)
Four receivers/one transmitter accept calls from one carrier at a time.
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Moreover, if they are designed with the Multi-SIM call capabilities towards the operators mobile network, users can also make calls without having their smartphone nearby.
To help make things easier without the need to cut back on the number of devices carried, we've introduced Multi-Sim.
With Multi-SIM, all customers need to do is assign one primary SIM to their main device, with up to four secondary SIMs in other devices, the telecom operator said.
But, the analyst further cautioned: aACoeWe believe that the former approach is vulnerable to what we view as premature saturation in some sub-Saharan markets: While the actual user bases are much smaller than what subscription rates imply in many markets due to multi-SIM ownership, reaching new customers is increasingly a consequence of costly network expansions into areas of low density and limited infrastructure.
Also, the SC6530 incorporates an ARM9 processor for high performance and supports quad-band GSM/GPRS, multi-SIM function, HVGA display, H.
Despite the lower profit, the company remained optimistic, saying "the mobile business thrived against the challenges posted by competition, notwithstanding peaking penetration levels driven in part by multi-SIM usage and subscribers' preference for services offering the best value for their money.
However, Nokia, a late entrant in the multi-SIM device category, fast tracked the process of consolidation by rolling out five models by Sept 2011, to make its presence felt in every price segment in India.
At first, the Acision Cloud Service Store will offer personalised messaging services including group messaging, auto-reply and auto-signature, message copy, personalised black/white list, distribution list, multi-SIM, alias and divert.
The firm predicts that the multi-SIM phenomenon, "attractive" on-net offers from all three major mobile phone providers, a drop in mobile handsets all coupled with lower subscription fees will be the driving factors behind saturation.
However, recent operator comments suggests that 50% of these connections are inactive and as much 70% of the connections added in 2009 were multi-SIM users.
Operators in emerging markets today deal with major challenges related to declining growth, ARPU pressure (due to multi-SIM behaviour) and rotational churn.
Multi-sim phones, with up to 10 SIM cards active on one account, have been introduced by Vodafone.

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