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(1) To transmit data to multiple recipients on the network at the same time using one transmission stream to the switches, at which point data are distributed out to the end users on separate lines.

Contrast with Unicast
A "unicast" is a separate transmission stream from source to destination for each recipient. When sending large volumes of data, multicast saves considerable bandwidth over unicast.

Contrast with Broadcast
A "broadcast" is a transmission to every node reachable on the network or subnet, rather than to a specific list of nodes as in a multicast. See IP multicast, IGMP and SRM.

(2) In digital television broadcasting, to send multiple standard TV (SDTV) programs in the allotted bandwidth, rather than one high-definition TV (HDTV) program.

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High performance up to 40G optimized for multicast applications
The acquisition provides Tegna with two multicast television networks that reach more than 87m US television homes.
When NC is used in transmissions, especially multicast transmissions, packets can be forwarded, mixed (coded) at intermediate nodes, and decoded to obtain the original packets at the sink nodes [4].
national multicast arm Katz Networks to bring back a channel that saw its best success 25 years ago.
During the demo, SENTECH will use Broadpeak's BkE200 transcaster server to transform unicast streams into multicast. Broadpeak's nanoCDN agent will be deployed in DVB-T2 home gateways from Noovo to convert multicast streams back into unicast and deliver the content to ABR devices.
Therefore, the selected MCS level should satisfy all users and if the MCS level was selected according to the users who are suffering bad channel conditions (such as using worst channel gain (WCG), the channel will be more robust against error and failure, but, users with good channel conditions will sacrifice their opportunity to receive the data with high bit rates which, in turn, reduces the radio spectrum efficiency of such Conventional Multicast Schemes (CMS) [5], [6].
Transcasting was coined as a term about 5 years ago--it means taking an Adaptive Bit Rate OTT video stream, and shoving it out to the world at large, through an existing multicast network so that all video arrives at the same time.
App features include full VLAN support, clean switching between flows, sophisticated synchronising, PTP support, 10 frames of video delay, unicast and multicast transmission support, signal status monitoring, user definable traffic shaping, and support for AMWA NMOS IS-04 and IS-05.
In view of this, we propose the use of an adaptive hybrid delivery method that agglutinates multicast and unicast methods to address the zapping delay problem in the IPTV over a converged network.
For multiple multicast, LNC has been applied to improve the transmission throughput [5, 6].

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