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cultural pluralism,

a term describing the coexistence of many cultures in a locality, without any one culture dominating the region. By making the broadest range of human differences acceptable to the largest number of people, multiculturalism seeks to overcome racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination.


the acknowledgement and promotion of cultural pluralism. In opposition to the tendency in modern societies to cultural unification and universalization, multiculturalism both celebrates and seeks to protect cultural variety (e.g. minority languages), while at the same time focusing on the often unequal relationship of minority to mainstream cultures. After decades of persecution, the prospects of indigenous or immigrant cultures are now helped somewhat by the support they receive from international public opinion and the international community (e.g. the United Nations). see also PLURAL SOCIETY.


(pop culture)

During comics’ Golden Age (1938–1954), the nascent medium of superhero comic books was overrun with cultural stereotypes, a manifestation of societal prejudices widely, and sometimes innocently, held at the time. Captain Aero’s “little Chinese pal,” Chop Suey; the Lone Ranger’s “faithful Indian companion,” Tonto; and Mandrake the Magician’s “obedient African aide”, Lothar, were among the characters that marginalized the value of minorities.

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Multiculturalism is not an obstacle for integration.
Leaving aside their predecessors (starting from 18th century and gaining ground at the time of German romanticism in the form of cultural pluralism and cultural relativism), the initial contemporary ideas of interculturalism and multiculturalism appeared in the 1970s, as a respond to ethnic revival and diversity movements emerged both in the North America and in Europe.
To do this, in 211 pages, as well as make a cogent argument for multiculturalism and project Canada as a utopia where race will not matter, is quite a task.
In the current paper we follow a radical-socialist definition of multiculturalism which the main aim of that ideology is endeavoring to empower discriminated minorities (whether ethnic, cultural, and racial minorities) and to eliminate gender discrimination.
Golding shares truths and thoughts on multiculturalism, America, the Middle East, Islam and Islamism in his three published books, Multiculturalism, America and the Middle East: An Expose, An Indictment; It's The Culture.
Multiculturalism essentially refers to the appreciation, acceptance and promotion of multiple cultures within a society, though the debate is yet to be resolved.
In a keynote speech in Luton, the Liberal Democrat leader said that he believed that multiculturalism should be the hallmark of "an open, confident, society".
That is where you will find multiculturalism and racial harmony at its best.
The complexities of multiculturalism are difficult for some who want simple answers and not to have to fathom such detail, yet in those complexities lay a rich warp and weft of society that emblazons the tapestry of life with a brighter hue.
What the Government desperately need to do now is to make it clear that multiculturalism has nothing to do with ethnicity - it is about community.
One of the most important shifts in federal policy to other ethnic groups was the introduction of official multiculturalism in the early 1970s.

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