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Fantasy career: Executive at a Jewish institution promoting multiculturism
Last May he wrote an illiterate post saying: "islam is a cancer that needs eradicating multiculturism does not work in this country clear them all off to the desert with their camals that's their way of life."
Although multiculturism and multilingualism are not new phenomena, it is still very difficult for people living in a monolingual country to cope with the new communicational challenges of the multicultural environment.
Both co-authored projects were made possible by the generous support of the Adam Dublin Award for the study of Global Multiculturism at Whitman College.
On the whole, the UAE does multiculturism well and I think that the vast majority of people who live here, expat and national, would agree that it is a far better society than the likes of Saudi and Iran.
Talking "culture": Gender, race, nation and the politics of multiculturism. Columbia Law Review, 96(6), 1573-78.
Sydney, Oct 15 ( ANI ): Extremism, not multiculturism, was the reason behind last month's violent protests across Sydney against the anti-Islamic film produced in the US, Australia's immigration department has said.
On April 19, 2012, Minister of Immigration and Multiculturism Christine Melnick moved a Government Resolution on Federal Centralization of Settlement Services, regarding a decision by the Government of Canada to cancel the Settlement Annex of the Canada-Manitoba Immigration Agreement with the Provincial Government.
Increasingly in today's world, multiculturism is the norm, and yet our political structures have not always adapted to that new reality.
It's subject was "identity" "Britishness" and the merits of "multiculturism".
(The question has been asked why in Canada, where multiculturism is valued and criticism of protected minorities has been criminalized as hate speech, are radical students allowed to get away with targeting one group [Jewish students] with speech and actions that are specifically forbidden against any others." (56) The same question can certainly be asked about what regularly occurs on American campuses, where university officials declare their firm commitment to the constitutional principle of freedom of speech, yet appear to enable certain groups to defame Israel and Jews under the pretense that they are fostering intellectual debate and constructive political discourse.