multilevel optical disc

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multilevel optical disc

An optical storage technology that uses multiple recording platters for higher capacity. Typically, DVDs and Blu-ray discs are available in two or more layers. In 1994, at its Almaden Research Center in San Jose, CA, IBM prototyped multilayer technology. See DVD and Blu-ray.

Multiple Layers
Sandwiched together, the individual layers are accessed by focusing the lens on one of the surfaces.

Sides and Layers
DVDs come in any combination of single or double sided with single or double layers. This shows the laser beam contacting the recorded surface in all of the possibilities.
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For multilayer optical discs, it has been difficult to obtain clear signals from each recording layer in a stable manner due to crosstalk from adjacent layers and transmission loss.
The agreement includes the building of a multipurpose machine that will mass replicate the Company's multilayer optical discs, known as Versatile Multilayer Discs (VMD), as well as the usual DVD.
are ready to market a High Definition (HD) EVD/VMD player for the playback of multilayer optical discs for less than $150.

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