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Featuring 30 works in acrylic painted in 2018 and 2019, the exhibition includes multiple series with curious names - Arrogant, The Owners of Green Hats, Move to Space to Make More Beauty, The Art of Containment and more.
'We've always talked about Mustang being a car that was born to race, and it's been gratifying to see it performing so well in multiple series around the world,' said Mark Rushbrook, global director, Ford Performance Motorsports.
Also, brands are launching multiple series to target or expand into new product tiers.
The problem is that there is no strong production in Syria currently because of post-war circumstances, yet this year it seemed like there were multiple series with Syrian leads and hopefully this will bring Syrian drama back into the equation and to its earlier status, or even better.
I have found that to be true, particularly as the multiple series that form the Star Trek franchise have progressed.
The district tentatively plans to issue the remaining authorization in multiple series within the next five years.
QuPlay plans to produce and present multiple series on Bollywood, travel & reality TV.
Jonathan Marchessault opened the scoring, Nate Schmidt added an insurance goal that was only detectable by replay, and Cody Eakin sealed it with an empty-netter to help Vegas become just the third team in NHL history to win multiple series in its first season.
Chan is known for his TV appearances in multiple series before making his jump to the big screen, starting with a supporting role in 2008's Connected and then snagging lead roles such as in this year's Binding Souls.
Taken together, these multiple series illuminated Gill's thoughtful engagement with marginalized communities, wherein nothing is sensationalized, nothing is exoticized, and nothing is explicitly said--yet so much is conveyed.
TRT has partnered with Toyota Racing Development since its entry into NASCAR over a decade ago and has directly contributed to ten manufacturer championships, five driver championships, and over 100 wins in multiple series since 2004.
As reported in the media, Amazon in November 2017 committed $250 million to a rights deal for the "Lord of the Rings" franchise with the goal of producing multiple series. Amazon has also committed to a two-season order for a new take on the "Conan the Barbarian" franchise.

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