multiple star

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multiple star

A group of two or more stars, such as Epsilon Lyrae, that are held together by their mutual gravitational attraction. Orbital motions within multiple systems are complex. For instance, systems containing two or more close binaries in orbit about each other appear to be quite common. See also binary star.
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Multiple Star


a system of three to seven stars in close proximity in space, revolving about a common center of mass under the action of gravitational forces. Systems of eight or more stars are generally the nuclei of star clusters. Multiple stars similar to the trapezium of Orion are systems whose components are more or less equidistant from one another. Such multiple stars may be unstable. In some cases, stars located significantly farther from or closer to the system and only projected on it in the sky are ascribed to the multiple system. The components of multiple stars can themselves be close (spectral, eclipsing, or other type) binary stars. In this case, there may prove to be more than seven stars in the system.

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multiple star

[′məl·tə·pəl ′stär]
A system of three or more stars which appear to the naked eye as a single star.
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Suppose H is a directed multiple star with center w of in degree lt and out degree kt.
Sometimes they can separate while forming into two or more clumps, bound together by gravity, producing binary or multiple star systems - that is a solar system with two or more stars within it.
Each component is in turn a multiple star, with [[alpha]lpha.sup.1] having a magnitude 9.6 companion with separation of 46.9" at a position angle of 222[degrees], which is unrelated, while [[alpha]lpha.sup.2] has a magnitude 10.5 companion with separation 153" at a PA of 160[degrees].
(Meilleurs Ouvriers de France), which translates as "The Best Craftsmen of France." For its possessor, this honor is a carte blanche that will enable him to work in restaurants whose multiple star ratings could outshine a constellation.
To start with, the initial prints of K.G.V., from 9 pies upwards were run off from De La Rue's plates on multiple star watermark paper.
Sirius is a multiple star system, with at least three components orbiting their common center of gravity.
Theta Orionis The Trapezium Multiple Star System Star Mag(v) Notes A 6.7 Eclipsing binary in 3-star system B 8.0 Eclipsing binary in 5-star system C 5.1 Spectroscopic binary star D 6.7 Double star E 11.1 Spectroscopic binary star F 10.1 Binary star G 13.7 Single star Data are taken from recent catalogs, with additions by Jerry Lodriguss.
"This result strengthens the connection between multiple star systems and massive planets," said Roberts.
Astrophysicist Thomas Tauris from the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy and the Argelander Institute for Astronomy in Bonn jointly with Ed van den Heuvel through theoretical calculations and stability analysis on the base of stellar evolution, demonstrated a plausible theoretical model which brings new insight to knowledge of stellar interactions in multiple star systems.
These stars are, from the left, Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka and while they look as if they are single points of light, each one is itself a multiple star system.
The unusual open cluster NGC 2017, which would be better referred to as an asterism, or a multiple star group, is situated just 1.50 east of alpha Leporis.
Observers new to the field will certainly welcome the inclusion of a list of 133 double and multiple star showpieces.

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