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Under the FAIR project multiplets are needed with superconducting magnets for the super fragment separator / Super-FRS).
Three multiplets of two proton intensity each at A 1.
For this study, we used a more accurate approach and fitted all of the GABA resonances in the spectrum using prior knowledge of the exact spin evolution and spectral signature of the GABA multiplets for the MEGA-PRESS sequence, and we compared two processing schemes: relying on the LCModel baseline function to handle the MM contribution at 3.
It is remarkable that a similar phenomenon has been observed along faults in California, where multiplets have been observed and streaks of earthquakes identified [6].
2001, The relative locations of the multiplets in the vicinity ofthe Western Almeria (Southern Spain) earthquake series 1993-1994.
1]H-NMR spectrum showed citrulline multiplets (concentration, 825 [micro]mol/mmol of creatinine).
ion concentration, these ions probably exist as multiplets and
Incidentaly, the IAEA report ranked the APTEC software as being the best for resolving multiplets.
Contract notice: Multiplets with superconducting magnets for the superfragmentseperator

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