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Commanding a computer, smartphone or tablet via a touchscreen or touchpad by using more than one finger. A multitouch display is sensitive to gestures, which are predefined motions that perform an action such as rotating an object.

Apple popularized multitouch in its iPhone and iPod touch, especially for zooming in and out of screen images, known as "pinch-to-zoom." Expanding a photo by sliding thumb and forefinger apart and pinching them together to restore the original size was greeted with delight when people first saw that feature.

Sensing Deflected Light
Most multitouch devices use capacitive screens that depend on a user's finger to draw current (see touchscreen). However, Microsoft's tablet top computer (see image below) and the large wall-mounted screens seen on TV use deflected light. For example, the CNN "Magic Wall" election map that enables journalists to track American political candidates state by state is a multitouch panel from Perceptive Pixel. These displays project images onto acrylic screens along with near-infrared or infrared light from one or more LED light sources. When fingers touch the screen, the light is deflected, and sensors pick up the changes. See touch scroll, Magic Mouse and gesture recognition.

An Electronic Light Table
Introduced in 2008, Microsoft's multitouch Surface computer let people manipulate objects as if they were real. In this light table example, photos are moved around as if they were printed on paper and can also be resized at the same time. See PixelSense. (Image courtesy of Microsoft Corporation.)
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The WPL, in collaboration with the city of Westmount's IT department, recently purchased Doklab's Local Stories ( application and a multitouch table.
Similarly, multitouch displays and multitouch interaction are described in more detail as they are considered in the case studies for the thesis.
The creator believes that MultiTouch books will become a preferred reading experience for millions of iPad owners as talented writers, illustrators, and animators around the world create new fiction in this entirely new genre of literature.
In the case decided on Friday, the ITC found that Samsung had infringed the feature patent for a multitouch screen that names Apple co-founder Steve Jobs as one of the inventors, and another for detecting when headphone jacks are plugged in.
In combination with Microchip's free graphics and multitouch software, this board enables rich, modern user interfaces for cost-sensitive designs in a broad range of markets, such as consumer, industrial and medical.
The Portege has a nice size keyboard that's quite comfortable to use, as well as a decent multitouch touchpad that supports a few multitouch gestures.
Described as a "tablet that's a great PC, and a PC that's a great tablet," the Surface has a 10.6-inch display, 9.3mm thickness, magnesium casing, a kickstand and a multitouch keyboard with a built-in trackpad and weighs in at just 1.5 pounds."
4.0 inches Multitouch TFT capacitive touchscreen display, 480 x 800 pixels, 16M colors, Touch Wiz UI v4.0.124 X 64.2 X 12.5 mm are the Dimensions and weights 145.3 grams.
It features a seven-inch color multitouch display and runs a customized version of the Android operating system.
For visuals there is a generous 10.1" multitouch screen.
Multitouch gestures are used to scroll, zoom, rotate, or flip through photos and documents.
SMART's DViT (Digital Vision Touch) technology supports common multitouch gestures, such as zooming and scrolling, which are recognised by the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system.