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/muhnj/ 1. A derogatory term meaning to imperfectly transform information.

2. A comprehensive rewrite of a routine, data structure or the whole program.

This term is often confused with mung and may derive from it, or possibly vice-versa. One correspondent believes it derives from the french "mange" /monzh/, eat.
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Pronounced "mung-ing" or "munj-ing," it is the intentional alteration of the sender's "from" address in an email or Usenet message in order to prevent spam. Programs (bots) cull addresses from servers all over the Internet to add to mailing lists. In order to prevent software from automatically grabbing their addresses, some users mung them so that they cannot be used intact.

Munging is not always condoned. Using invalid sender addresses may violate the rules of some newsgroups and service providers.

Munging Example
The email address could be munged into hunter(AT)computerlanguage(DOT)com or hunter@c-o-m-p-u-t-e-r-l-a-n-g-u-a-g-e.c-o-m. Anyone receiving a message from him and wishing to reply would have to demung the address manually before sending a response.
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Write, for example, "rebecca dot porter at atlahq dot org." (Caution: Some news groups and message boards won't allow this, and some harvesting programs can pick out common masks like spelling out "at.") You can "munge" your address by adding an antispam phrase that a human user would catch, such as
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