municipal planning

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city planning, town planning, urban planning

Planning a future community, or the guidance and shaping of the expansion of a present community, in an organized manner and with an organized layout, taking into account such considerations as convenience for its inhabitants, environmental conditions, social requirements, recreational facilities, esthetic design, and economic feasibility; includes a study of present requirements and conditions, as well as projections for the future; such planning usually includes proposals for its implementation. See community planning.
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Jerusalem municipal planning committee on Monday gave preliminary approval
The Municipal Planning division did a presentation about the outcomes of the Strategic Plan within the framework of the performance output plan of Abu Dhabi.
Shareef on this visit to Australia included: Dr Abdullah Ghareeb, Executive Director Property Management; Mohammed Al-Hadrami, Executive Director Municipal Affairs Support; Denis Burke, Advisor/ Acting Executive Director Municipal Governance; Jalal Al Khaled, Division Manager HR; Abdallatif Al Shamsi, Divisional Manager Municipal Council Affairs; Mohammed Al Katheeri, Division Manager Municipal Planning and Yousif Yousif, Municipal Planning.
In the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, for example, the Millard/Piercy Watershed Stewards have been monitoring municipal planning decisions and valley ecology since 1995.
The Home Office guide to municipal planning for the Year 2000 celebrations predicts a host of possible catastrophes as the nation takes a potential 11 to 12 days off work and services are reduced.
The dangers are listed in a Home Office municipal planning guide - already dubbed the Gloom Guide.
Most of the municipal planning was entrusted to the humanist literati Maurice Sceve, Barthelemy Aneau, and Guillaume du Choul, working with the artist Bernard Salomon.
Cities like ISTEA because it gives municipal planning organizations more control over where federal money can be spent.
Instead of easing the housing shortages for the overcrowded Palestinians, the municipal planning authorities have drastically restricted development and limited the area designated for Palestinian neighborhoods.
In December 1996, a Jerusalem municipal planning committee approved a proposal to build housing for 132 Jewish families in the Palestinian neighborhood of Ras-al Amud in East Jerusalem.
Although CompuServe does not have a GFOA forum at this point, GFOA members are encouraged to use the Legal Forum's Municipal Planning subsection (MP Section) for posting messages on public finance topics.
Rough drafts of articles are uploaded to the Municipal Planning section of the Legal Forum on CompuServe, where forum members are encouraged to read, comment upon, and question what the authors have composed.
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