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1. a city, town, or district enjoying some degree of local self-government
2. the governing body of such a unit



in bourgeois states, the elected local administrative bodies and bodies of self-government. In some countries, such as the USA and Great Britain, only urban administrative bodies are called municipalities.

Municipalities are elected by the people of an administrative-territorial unit. According to bourgeois law, they are public corporations. As a rule, municipalities consist of an executive bureaucracy and an elected council headed by a mayor or burgomaster. Municipalities may own community enterprises, housing, and other properties. They supervise public schools, sanitation services, and the local police, and in a number of countries they administer various institutions providing medical and social welfare services. Local taxes are their main source of revenue.

During the period of imperialism, especially under the conditions of state-monopoly capitalism, the municipalities as the bodies of local bourgeois self-government have gradually lost their independence in local affairs and are becoming agencies of the central state administration. Their activity is regulated and controlled by the machinery of state. Financially, the municipalities find themselves extremely dependent on subsidies from the central authorities. A deep crisis characterizes municipal administration in the developed capitalist countries. At the same time, the municipality, as an elected body, is an important institution of bourgeois democracy. The working class and the Communist parties in the bourgeois countries wage a continuous struggle to win a majority in the municipalities, to expand their socially useful services, and to make them more attentive to the interests of the working people. In France, Italy, and a number of other countries, the progressive forces have made significant gains in municipal elections and occupy strong positions in many municipalities, holding either the mayoralty or a majority of seats in the council.


A town, city, or district possessing corporate jurisdiction.
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Marwan Bin Bayat Al Falasi, director of Human Resources Department, Dubai Municipality and Mausouma Al Mohsen, director of Sales, Emirates airlines, signed the agreement.
Best in Street Dance: 1st - Catbalogan City; 2nd - Tangub City; 3rd - Municipality of Tuburan; 4th - Lumad Basakanon; 5th - Dumaguete City
Nicosia municipality preserves all traffic lights in the Nicosia district with its own crews and for other cities traffic lights offers secondary maintenance at workshops for repair of damaged parts," the municipality said.
4 billion in debt, followed by the Adana Municipality with TL 727 million and the Bursa Municipality with TL 282 million.
There was unnecessary shuffle in the employees of the provincial municipality, leaving every official in a sense that his/her job was a matter of days, he added.
The theory most used for justifying the rationality of small municipalities is the theory of local expenditures (Tiebout 1956), where the number of municipalities and inhabitants per municipality is determined through competition among municipalities in designing the volume and structure of municipal revenues (charges, taxes) and expenses (services).
The Director of Manama Municipality also added that the municipality received (32) verdicts of partial and total demolition from the court, where these provisions will be implemented during the next months according to the working plan established by the committee.
The project, which was unanimously voted for by councillors, will also include a new municipality building in block 607.
DMR Architects not only designed the facility, but was also able to facilitate the cooperation of the Board of Education and the municipality.
The investigation subsequently identified a total of nine replacement checks, totaling in excess of $157,000, as having been requested and received by this third party from the complainant municipality during a 9-month period.
The ability of a municipality to respond to this financial imposition is restricted in a number of ways.